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Dvě pravidla, 220 kb
Hawkeye: "I mean I know why I'm crying now. Tommy was my friend and I watched him die and now I'm crying. I've watched guys die almost every day. Why didn't I ever cry for them?"
Henry: "Because you're a doctor."
Hawkeye: "What the hell does that mean?"
Henry: "I don't know. If I had the answer, I'd be at the Mayo Clinic. Does this place look like the Mayo Clinic? Look, all I know is what they taught me at command school. There are certain rules about a war and rule number one is young men die. And rule number two is doctors can't change rule number one"

Všichni se budou chovat..., 108 kb
Radar: "Uh, sir...."
Henry: "What the hell?"
Radar: "I'm sorry. Everything's taken care of, the fix is in. Everybody's agreed to behave themselves in front of Captain Hildebrand and to make the place look real GI."
Henry: "Very very good."
(Henry and Radar jeden přes druhého probírají detaily.)

Radar: Aaaaaa, Bach!, 32 kb

Abyssinia, 16 kb
(velmi zpomalený překlad) Henry: "I'll be see you" (uvidíme se)

Nevezmu si zbraň, 128 kb
Hawkeye: "I will not carry a gun, Frank. When I got thrown into this war I had a clear understanding with the Pentagon: no guns. I'll carry your books, I'll carry a torch, I'll carry a tune, I'll carry on, carry over, carry forward, Cary Grant, cash and carry, carry me back to Old Virginia, I'll even 'hari-kari' if you show me how, but I will not carry a gun!"

Sidneyho rada, 37 kb
Sidney: "Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice."

Ryba a játra, 68 kb
Hawkeye: "I've eaten a river of liver and an ocean of fish! I've eaten so much fish, I'm ready to grow gills! I've eaten so much liver, I can only make love if I'm smothered in bacon and onions!"

Jsem paragraf 8!, 49 kb
Klinger: "Colonel Potter, Sir! Corporal Klinger. I'm section 8, head to toe. I'm wearing a warner bra. I play with dolls. My last wish is to be buried in my mother's wedding gown. I'm nuts. I should be out."

Frank: It's nice to be nice to the nice.", 30 kb

Ne!, 51 kb
Klinger: "Colonel, I missed you."
Potter: "No."
Klinger: "About my heart murmur, Sir..."
Potter: "No."
Klinger: "My double vision is coming back."
Potter: "No."
Klinger: "I've fallen in love with a goat."
Potter: "No."
Klinger: "Glad to have you back, Sir."

Henryho letadlo, 144 kb
Radar: "I have a message. Lt. Col. Henry Blake's plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan. It spun in. There weren't no survivors."

Duše Winchestera, 126 kb
Charles: "You can cut me off from the civilized world. You can incarcerate me with two moronic cellmates. You can torture me with your thrice-daily swill. But you cannot break the spirit of a Winchester. My voice shall be heard from this wilderness, and I shall be delivered from this fetid and festering sewer."

Řekněte jim, že jsme nemocnice, 123 kb
Klinger: "Why don't you just tell him this is a hospital? As long as that tank is here, we're a target."
Potter: "Boy, you must think I am the biggest dunce since the monkey wrapped his tail around the flagpole! Don't you think that's what I told him?! I can take care of my job! You go act like a sergeant, unless you want to try something lower!"

Radar: Trapere, Trapere, Trap..., 85 kb
Traper: lekne se, jak je probuzen
Radar: lekne se jeho leknutí
Hawkeye se chechtá

Hawkeye zpívá In The Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening, 134 kb

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